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It is my mission as a Registered Dietitian to help my clients break free from chronic SIBO.
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Hi, I'm Amy Hollenkamp, MS, RD

I am a fun loving and quirky dietitian, holistic health coach and blogger at the SIBO Diaries. I have a passion for helping SIBO sufferers find long term relief from their gut symptoms. As a former SIBO sufferer myself, I know first hand how debilitating SIBO can be to your overall health and well being. When I had SIBO, I was the perfect patient. I followed my practitioners protocols to a tee. I went on a very restrictive SIBO diet for months and took multiple rounds of both herbal and pharmaceutical antibiotics. These interventions gave me some relief at first, but overtime I started to develop new and worsening symptoms. I was so frustrated. I started to lose hope and believed that I would have SIBO forever. I decided I wasn't going to go down without a fight, so I spent years becoming a SIBO expert. I knew in my heart that I could solve my SIBO if I could just figure out how to address my root causes. I made many mistakes in my own SIBO journey. that I want to prevent you from making. I didn't progress until I ditched the restrictive diets and aggressive clearing protocols for a root focused approach. As a practitioner, I use a root cause approach with my one-on-one clients to help them achieve long term relief from their SIBO. I designed the SIBO Root Cause Repair Program because I saw a need for a root based online program. I am thrilled that I get to help and support more people through their SIBO journeys
Amy Hollenkamp
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“Amy was able to help get me on the right track with healing my gut issues related to SIBO. It was wonderful to talk with a health professional who really knew what steps to take to address my chronic constipation, gas and generally unhappy digestive system.”


“Amy has been so wonderful to work with! I have struggled for years with my issues and I finally have been making progress. I highly highly recommend working with her!”


“Amy truly got me back on track with my healing and I felt like I finally had someone in my corner who understood what I was going through.”

Michelle Laframboise
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